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JP-H05105964-A: 線材コイル搬送中にテンパー熱処理も可能な搬送ライン設備およびその搬送中のテンパー熱処理方法 patent, JP-H05217956-A: 異方性プラズマエッチング方法 patent, JP-H0540465-A: 文書作成装置 patent, JP-H06195973-A: ダイナミックram patent, JP-H07169034-A: スライダの製造方法 patent, JP-H07273175-A: Holding member patent, JP-H09120582-A: Optical data storage medium patent, JP-H1015221-A: パチンコ遊技者用空気清浄装置付呼出しランプ patent, JP-S5016175-A: patent, JP-S51106501-A: Furekisobanyokankoseijushisoseibutsu patent, JP-S52148588-A: Unsaturated polyester composition patent, JP-S6092454-A: Heat resistant austenitic steel with superior hot workability and oxidation resistance patent, JP-S61144956-A: Answer detecting circuit patent, JP-S61157456-A: Method of removing dirt on vehicle by car-washer patent, JP-S6212312-A: Gas breaker patent, JP-S62254148-A: Silver halide photographic sensitive material patent, JP-S6253719-A: Polyolefin nonwoven fabrics charged electrostatically patent, JP-S63136086-A: Inspector for liquid crystal display panel patent, JP-S6322818-A: Polyurethane polymer and its production patent, KR-20130108981-A: 디알릴아민류와 이산화황의 공중합체의 제조 방법 patent, KR-20150039730-A: 반도체 장치의 제작 방법 patent, KR-20150050290-A: 스마트 led 조명 장치 patent, KR-20150104622-A: Forged part, method for producing same, and connecting rod patent, KR-20160011052-A: 알루미늄관 수지 코팅장치 patent, KR-20160046250-A: Method and system for controlling engine using combustion pressure sensor patent, KR-20160062268-A: 콘크리트 타설용 지주 연결장치 patent, KR-20160093410-A: Manufacturing method of pet food and pet food using the same patent, KR-20160126133-A: 진동저감 기어 patent, KR-20160128617-A: 교정시술용 유지기구 및 그 제조방법 patent, KR-20160147350-A: 푸셔카 레벨러 위치 제어 장치 patent, NL-9400044-A: Door batterijen aangedreven inrichting, die met een accumulator of een andere bijpassende externe, zuiniger stroombron kan worden aangedreven. patent, NL-2007246-C: Metadata driven process control platform. patent, JP-H01113063-U: patent, JP-H01154345-U: patent, JP-H0366624-U: patent, JP-H0553269-U: 高周波シールド構造を有する多層配線基板 patent, JP-H0583571-U: 管連結構造 patent, JP-H0630732-U: 電子秤 patent, JP-H0730635-U: 育苗トレイ patent, JP-S4982535-U: patent, JP-S57124555-U: patent, JP-S618364-U: patent, JP-S63177664-U: patent, JP-WO2006040813-A1: エレベータ装置 patent, JP-WO2008004354-A1: アレイ基板、アレイ基板の修正方法及び液晶表示装置 patent, JP-WO2011013812-A1: 半導体装置の製造装置及び半導体装置の製造方法 patent, JP-WO2012120589-A1: 画像描画装置、描画制御方法及び描画制御プログラム patent, JP-WO2012165368-A1: 粘着シート patent, JP-WO2013031599-A1: 変性共役ジエン系重合体の製造方法、変性共役ジエン系重合体、変性共役ジエン系重合体組成物、ゴム組成物、及びタイヤ patent, JP-WO2013057882-A1: 表示制御装置、集積回路、表示制御方法およびプログラム patent, JP-WO2013065402-A1: 動画像符号化装置、動画像復号装置、動画像符号化方法及び動画像復号方法 patent, JP-WO2013161756-A1: 感光性樹脂組成物、感光性フィルム、永久マスクレジスト及び永久マスクレジストの製造方法 patent, JP-WO2014125583-A1: 半導体装置 patent, JP-WO2015037122-A1: 実装装置 patent, JP-WO2015115321-A1: 燃料電池スタック及びそのマウント構造 patent, JP-WO2015147186-A1: オレフィン系樹脂およびその製造方法 patent, US-2001008996-A1: MP3 CD output system for a vehicle patent, US-2001019138-A1: Lateral thyristor structure for protection against electrostatic discharge patent, US-2002019824-A1: Method to generically describe and manipulate arbitrary data structures patent, US-2002028057-A1: Two-dimentional fiber array and method of manufacture patent, US-2002039339-A1: Optical disk recording apparatus patent, US-2002052590-A1: Independence of components in absorbent articles patent, US-2002065159-A1: Hydraulic tensioner with improved pressure relief valve reactive to peak operating loads patent, US-2002076073-A1: Automatically switched hearing aid communications earpiece patent, US-2002078361-A1: Information security architecture for encrypting documents for remote access while maintaining access control patent, US-2002080981-A1: Signal processing method, program, and signal processing apparatus patent, US-2002094140-A1: Sealing device for flexible liquid container patent, US-2002132051-A1: Film or coating deposition and powder formation patent, US-2002133780-A1: Method and apparatus for protecting lossless transmission of a data stream patent, US-2002134628-A1: Method and device for influencing the transfer of vibrations of a vibration generator to an object connected to it, in particular of engine vibrations to the body of a motor vehicle patent, US-2002138729-A1: Management of an identity module patent, US-2002158738-A1: Filtering induction device patent, US-2002184412-A1: System and method for locating and aligning to framing bits patent, US-2003019883-A1: Device for the simultaneous dispensing of two separately packaged products patent, US-2003034121-A1: Method for the application of a layer remaining permanently adhesive onto the inside of a breast prosthesis patent, US-2003036939-A1: Method and system configure to manage a maintenance process patent, US-2003058246-A1: Force-mediated rasterization patent, US-2003098002-A1: Reciprocating engine with rocker valve gear patent, US-2003123541-A1: Shot transition detecting method for video stream patent, US-2003130071-A1: Educational game patent, US-2003132101-A1: Method and device for forming film patent, US-2003147640-A1: System and method for capturing and embedding high-resolution still image data into a video data stream patent, US-2003148679-A1: Small watercraft patent, US-2003161309-A1: Network address routing using multiple routing identifiers patent, US-2003165208-A1: Non-linear decision feedback phase locked loop filter patent, US-2003176922-A1: Keeled prosthetic nucleus patent, US-2003179708-A1: Method of dynamically setting at least one threshold at an access point in a wireless local area network and the access point patent, US-2003184390-A1: Compact, high power supply rejection ratio, low power semiconductor digitally controlled oscillator architecture patent, JP-4848475-B1: 塗料かす処理装置 patent, JP-4906971-B1: スピーカ patent, JP-5152735-B1: 遊技機 patent, JP-5696300-B1: 自動電界免疫組織染色装置 patent, JP-5750682-B1: 電気回転機 patent, JP-6130567-B1: 酸素ガスの製造方法、およびその装置 patent, JP-6141555-B1: 高圧噴射ノズル装置およびそれが装着された地盤改良装置 patent, JP-6163573-B1: 廃棄物埋立処理方法 patent, JP-6205089-B1: 液晶表示装置 patent, JP-6212680-B1: ゴミ箱 patent, KR-100599163-B1: 자동 채널 탐색 장치 및 그 방법 patent, KR-100609169-B1: Cascade refrigerating cycle patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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